Lack Of Humanity – Partly Political Broadcast

I listened to Tiernan’s Podcast, liked it very much and wanted to be interviewed on it. A gifted comedian, he is very quick and very funny. Once we established our mutual admiration for podcast hero, Adam Buxton, I knew he would look after me!

I think ‘partly political’ describes me quite well. I got involved in Student Politics at University, I developed a passion for Representation, but have kept out of mainstream politics since. Our political system is embarrassing, unrepresentative and out-dated and I just can’t participate in it until it is totally reformed. There are strong hints in this blog about my political feelings.

But I have always wondered ‘what if’? As a student leader in 2001, I was due to meet Charles Kennedy in London, but he cancelled at the last minute ‘for personal reasons’. Who knows what could have happened if we had met!

Listen here

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