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  • Talking to Tenants
    Ten years ago, I was working for Birmingham City Council as a Local Housing Manager and failing to support struggling tenants that I met through tenancy reviews. I think I have found why.
  • Mask Up, and Keep Smiling!
    The world has changed forever, but those who have endured the most before lockdown are still being let down.
  • Going Deeper Into The Wild
    How seeing an old bus lifted out of the Alaskan wilderness prompted my own journey, deeper into the wild.
  • University Challenge
    Going to university changed everything for me, but increasing student debt and cuts to support will make it impossible for the current generation of disabled people.
  • Chairman Mao, Black Lives Matter and Disability Equality
    As the world faces up to centuries of racism, we all need to take a side. Chairman Mao saw it clearly.
  • Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution (a review)
    If you have a disability or know someone who has, please watch this. If you know someone who can’t or won’t support you, tell them they […]
  • Thank You for The Music: The Ten Most Influential Albums of my Teens
    Compiling my top ten influential albums led me to an unexpected revelation about my parents…
  • William Walsh: At Mousetrap Farm
    This is a story based on my great-grandfather, William Walsh. It covers the battles the Royal Dublin Fusiliers fought in the first half of 1915. Astonishingly, […]
  • Lockdown Life With Ataxia
    It is our 6th week of lockdown, how my world has changed and how am I adapting to it? At a time when we are all […]
  • John Lennon: Disability Rights Champion?
    After recent online criticism about him, I looked closely into his activities alongside the disability rights movement in America in the early seventies – and was surprised!
  • Coronavirus: What Would Neville Do?
    Coronavirus: What Would Neville Do? I explore why the Covid Pandemic has been handled so badly and if there is any hope left.
  • A Wheelchair, Me? – Never.
    When I was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia at fifteen, I swore, and really believed, I would take my own life before using one. What triggered this reaction and what changed my mind?
  • Local Politics – Apply Pressure, but Keep Your Eyes on The Prize!
    This month, I reveal what trying to coordinate a popular grass-roots campaign is really like!
  • A Year on Twitter.
    It is a year since I resolved to write a monthly blog. Twitter has played a significant part in my life in that time. I have learned a lot, and made friends that I never would have met, but have strayed into some very dark places too. Has it been worth it?
  • My First Term as a Voluntary Reader
    As we choose opportunities that really motivate us, or passionately believe in, volunteering should be very fulfilling. But it is it that simple?
  • Can I Hope Again?
    I have had to reassess my relationship with hope and my whole identity after a wonderful development that could change everything.
  • My Checklist for Living with Ataxia
    Today is International Ataxia Awareness Day. In this post, I look at the wider concept of disability, how it determines how we see ourselves and how we can break free.
  • Living with Dying
    Is life with Friedreich’s Ataxia just one long funeral? or can it bless us with a unique outlook?
  • My Support Dog Saved Our Lives
    Support dogs are life-changing for disabled people lucky enough to have one – not just in the way most people think.
  • Should Disabled People Become Parents?
    My kids are 10 and 5 this month. This is an update of a piece I wrote on how we made the difficult choice to become parents.
  • What My Skydive Revealed About How Others See Me
    With AtaxiaUK’s 19 in 19 skydive event in full swing, I wanted to share my story from 5 years ago to encourage others – and to look at the attitudes I encountered!
  • I’m not a Superhero, but here’s my ‘Origin Story’
    What do disabled people and superheroes have in common?
  • Disability & The Media
    Has how disabled people are portrayed by our the media changed over the last seventeen years? I was incredibly proud when I graduated from university in […]
  • It’s Rare ‘Condition’ Day!: AtaxiaUK and Me
    February 28th is Rare Disease day. That word ‘disease’ grates on me, I don’t like it at all. A disease is negative, contagious, unpleasant and unwanted. […]
  • Gaming
    One thing we always had was the latest computer or console and often both. From the Atari 2600, through ZX Spectrum, Commodore, PC, PlayStations and lots […]
  • What is Political Correctness?
    Is showing respect for others as simple as just about avoiding certain words? Today, many people feel out of control in the face of too much […]
  • Wake Up: Ableism
    Disability now has something it has never had before.  An ‘ism’ that at last holds a mirror to society’s incredible negativity toward disabled people. But is […]

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