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  • The Disabled Author
    I’ve been writing a book for the last six months and came up for air during the Easter holiday with a first draft. I was surprised and disappointed to […]
  • The Friedreich’s Ataxia Alliance at Oxford Bulletin – June 2022
    “a diagnosis such as FA doesn’t only affect the individual with ataxia themselves, but also their parents, siblings and other family members too.”
  • Why Do We Support Football Teams?
    I want my son to support Aston Villa like me. Why do I feel like I am bestowing a great honour on him?
  • How to Support The Assisted Dying Bill
    I believe the current law does not work for dying people. I’ve asked my MP for his support.
  • I, Me, Mine. By George Harrison (a review)
    Eddie Vedder recently completed a solo tour of America, his set-list featured two George Harrison songs. This was only one of many recent encounters with George Harrison. I had to know more.
  • Lack Of Humanity – Partly Political Broadcast
    I talk a lot about disability and politics in my blog, but did you know about the bus company I helped set up in 2016?
  • For Love: My Investiture
    It has been just over a year since the award, I received a letter summoning me to Windsor Castle on the 9th of February for my Investiture. Who conducted it and what was it like?
  • What is a Disabled Life Worth?
    I wrote this opinion piece for a disability magazine. Intended to provoke discussion, disagreement and encourage readers to share their opinions. It didn’t make the final cut.