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  • My ‘Meet the Community’ Interview for FARA
    I have been getting to know people with FA around the world, I realised that I had experience of many of the things they have yet to face. I […]
  • My Cousin Spencer
    My remarkable Cousin Spencer died suddenly in 2019. Through working closely with his friends to honour his memory, I have learned what a great man he was.
  • The Beatles: Get Back (a review)
    Peter Jackson’s eagerly awaited new three part series about the Beatles dropped last week. Covering one month in 1969, what did almost 8 hours of film tell us about the Beatles and the world they lived in?
  • Too Real for TV?
    I’ve got opinions and things to say, so I auditioned to be a panel-member on the RangaNation. How did it go? The RangaNation is a BBC2 current affairs comedy […]
  • Not Goodbye, See You Later: Eight Years with AtaxiaUK
    After eight years as a Trustee, I have to step back from my duties at Ataxia UK. What was it like? and will l still be a part of its work?
  • Eng-er-land: Tackling Uncomfortable Truths
    I watched a lot more football in the 2021 season, culminating with England’s cup run in the Euros. I discovered new heroes, but also that our society still has […]
  • For Fox sake: Could the Fox Inn become a community pub?
    Two weeks after learning that the most recent Tenants had left the Fox and sure that there was plenty of interest within the community to intervene, I hosted a […]
  • Twenty is Plenty
    Please print our ‘Twenty is Plenty’ poster and display it in your window (visible from the road if possible) We can deliver posters for anyone who needs them as […]