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  • Eng-er-land: Black Lives Matter and Uncomfortable Truths
    I watched a lot more football in the 2021 season, culminating with England’s cup run in the Euros. I discovered new heroes, but also that our society still has […]
  • For Fox sake: Could the Fox Inn become a community pub?
    Two weeks after learning that the most recent Tenants had left the Fox and sure that there was plenty of interest within the community to intervene, I hosted a […]
  • Twenty is Plenty
    Please print our ‘Twenty is Plenty’ poster and display it in your window (visible from the road if possible) We can deliver posters for anyone who needs them as […]
  • How am I? Not Ashamed Anymore
    I have always been reluctant to tell other people what living with my disability is actually like. I ask why and for the very first time, give a full and frank picture of my life with Friedreich’s Ataxia.
  • Study Abroad: How 4 Months in Rhode Island and 9/11 changed me forever
    I was only out there for four months at the end of 2001, but how did the experiences I had and the people I met at URI change me forever?
  • Keep Surviving, Keep Safe!
    Another one of those posts about lockdown life!
  • Exodus
    This story is an attempt at science-fiction in the style of Isaac Asimov or HP Lovecraft. I wrote this in 2013, as I saw the world being destroyed by greed. Enjoy!
  • My Trike and Me
    It is exactly four years since I got my trike. I said it would change everything for me. Did it?